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Liu Nanchang and An Wei Condole With the Front-line Medical Staff for the Prevention and Treatment of Epidemic 2019-Novel Coronavirus

On the morning of January 30th, Liu Nanchang, Secretary of Sanmenxia, and An Wei, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Sanmenxia, condoled with the front-line medical staff fighting for epidemic prevention and treatment by video, encouraging and inspiring the medical workers to accomplish the historic mission and live it to the full, to further play the role of the vanguard and main force of the prevention and control of the epidemic 2019-Novel Coronavirus, to confirm their confidence in fighting against 2019-n Cov. and to pull together to build up a defense line by arranging scientifically, performing good self-protection and maintaining wartime spirit, to win the all-round victory in the fighting for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Photo Exhibition Ends Today

The exhibition of three branch sites will last for 3 months Date of issue: 25-11-2019 November 25, Swan City -- The 3rd China Sanmenxia Natural Ecology International Photography Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "photography exhibition") successfully concluded. This photography exhibition has received extensive attention from all walks of life, which not only gives visitors a feast for the eyes, but also provides a platform for photographers to show their talents. The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the photography exhibition that up to November 24, the total number of visitors reached 87,000, with an average daily attendance of nearly 10,000.

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