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Thruway G30(Lianyungang--Horgos),Thruway S59(Sanmenxia--Xichuan)the National Way 310(Lianyungang -- Tianshui)and the National Way 209(Huhehaote-- Beihai).the National Way 310(Lianyungang -- Tianshui)and the National Way 209(Huhehaote-- Beihai). Cross with each other. Henan province and Shanxi province are linked by the Yellow River Highway Bridge of Sanmenxia.


There are two train stations in Sanmenxia called  Sanmenxia Railway Station and Sanmenxia West Railway Station and one  high-speed railway station called Sanmenxia South Railway Station.

1.Sanmenxia Railway Station


There are mainly express trains and trains in this station, linking many major cities like Beijing(west), Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Xiamen, Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Qingdao, Hankou, Xining(west), Wuhan, Yinchuan and so on. 

ADDRESS: Yellow River East Road in Sanmenxia, Henan.

BUSES: You can reach the Sanmenxia Station by taking the special NO.1 or N0.2 buses in rural area.

TEL: 0398-2821169 to 2020

2.Sanmenxia West Railway Station


Sanmenxia West Railway Station, called Shanzhou Station originally, is 841 miles away from Lianyungang East Station ,918 miles away Lanzhou Station. Now it is a second-level station subordinate to the Luoyang Railway Bureau,a branch of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau.

ADDRESS: Yuandian town ,Shan county,Henan.

BUSES: the NO.5 bus or NO.1 bus of Shan county  leads from  the rural area of Sanmenxia to the Sanmenxia West Station.

TEL: 0398-2571422

3.Sanmenxia South Station


It is one of the stations of the Zhengxi High-speed Railway ,which can reaching Zhengzhou and North Xi’an quickly. 

ADDRESS: Zhangwan town, Shan county.

BUSES: the Welcome Bus NO.1 leads from the rural area to the  South High-speed Railway Station directly.

Intercity Bus

There are two major bus stations in Sanmenxia called respectively Sanmenxia Bus Station and Sanmenxia East Wind Bus Station.

1.Sanmenxia Bus Station

Sanmenxia Bus Station is the major bus station located opposite the Sanmenxia Railway Station , with most of the coaches passing or parking there. 

ADDRESS: on the north side of the road which is 200 meters west of the intersection of Xiaoshan East Road and Yellow River East Road.

TEL: 0398-2886061

BUSES: take the bus NO.1,NO.2 or NO.13 to the station called Railway Stationand and walk to the bus station.

2.Sanmenxia East Wind Bus Station 

ADDRESS: NO.14 in East Wind Market.

BUSES: take the bus NO.1 or NO.4 to the station called West Wind Marketand walk there.

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