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By The People's Government of Sanmenxia Updated: 2019-09-09 22:56

 By the end of 2018, there were 17,900 students in higher vocational education in the city, 13,800 students in secondary vocational schools (excluding technical schools), 41,500 students in ordinary high schools, 70,100 students in ordinary junior high schools, and 156,500 students in primary schools.

There are 713 basic education schools, including 19 ordinary high schools, 106 ordinary junior high schools, 234 primary schools (another 447 teaching places), 349 kindergartens, and 5 special education schools. The number of basic education schools accounts for 97 % of the city's schools with 340737 students, including 44039 in ordinary high schools, 72,710 in ordinary junior high schools, 149539 in primary schools, 73967 in kindergartens, and 482 in special education schools. Students in basic education account for 91.85 % of the total number of students in various types of schools in the city. There are 29,504 faculty members, including 25,322 full-time teachers.

There are 22 vocational education schools, including 3 higher vocational schools, 7 general secondary professional schools, 6 adult secondary professional schools, and 8 vocational high schools. There are 30,244 students and 2,838 faculty members, including 2,205 full-time teachers.

There are 729 vocational and technical training institutions, 1,783 teaching classes, 315,000 qualified trainees, and 315,000 registered students. There are 686 faculty members and 327 full-time teachers. Among them are 713 rural adult technical training schools where there are 290,800 qualified trainees, 290,800 registered students, 524 faculty members and 264 full-time teachers. Rural adult technical training schools are basically attached to rural primary and middle schools.

There are 265 private education schools, including 3 secondary vocational schools, 4 private ordinary middle schools including an ordinary high school, two nine-year consistent schools, and a 12-year consistent school), 4 primary schools, and 254 kindergartens. There are 56,262 students and 5,625 faculty members, including 3,530 full-time teachers.

There are 254 private kindergartens, with 48,507 students and 5,268 faculty members including 3,251 full-time teachers. There are 4 private primary schools, with 4,496 students and 15 faculty members. There are 4 private ordinary middle schools, including two 9-year consistent schools, a 12-year consistent school and an ordinary high school as well as a  class in addition to the number of schools. There are 1078 junior high school students, 1452 high school students and 259 faculty members including 221 full-time teachers. There are 3 private secondary vocational schools with 729 students and 83 faculty members, including 58 full-time teachers.

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