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Sanmenxia city of sanmenxia which located in the Yellow River is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization. In the long history process, our ancestors reproduced in this land,creating a splendid history and culture with their hands,an indispensable part of the profound Chinese culture. 

Yangshao culture, the Guo culture,the taoism derived from the book Tao-te Ching by Lao Tz and the taoist culture are all typical representative of those various history and culture. 

Guo state as an important feudal state of Ji clan family subordinated to the western Zhou had made a profound influence in the culture and history. 

Lao tze, a famous thinker in eastern Zhou ,had finished a great book named Tao-te Ching in Hanguguan (in the lingbao city of sanmenxia area)whose impact had penetrated into every aspect of the ideology of Chinese society,serving as the precious spiritual wealth and culture heritage of Chinese nation.  

Yellow emperor,the first ancestor of the Chinese nation,had ever made a pot to sacrifice to heaven and  laid the foundation of regime.

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