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Ganshan National Forest Park

By en.smxly.com Updated: 2019-09-29 22:27


ADDRESS: Shan county in Sanmenxia city

Ganshan national forest park lies about 20 kilometers to the south of Sanmenxia, city with the total planning area of 78.6 square kilometers and forest coverage rate amounting to 98%. It boasts rich animal and plant resources and a unique landscape. Five scenic spots have been completed :the forest recreation area, red leaves viewing area, water recreation area, the butterfly valley scenic area and Ganshan culture area. The park possessed unique mountains, secluded valleys, beautiful woods and charming scenes. And Dew Peak,the highest, is 1886.6 meters above the sea level, with eighty-four peaks pointing to the sky. The undulate mountainous under the peak are lofty and magnificent.And the two ravines,the Blue Dragon and the Black Dragon, run into the Yellow River.

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