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The Free Trade Department of General Administration of Customs Investigated the Building of the Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) in Sanmenxia

By Sanmenxia Daily Updated: 2020-11-16

On October 28th, a group of people including Sheng Fubin, the deputy director of the Free Trade Department of General Administration of Customs and Xue Xiaojie, the member of the Zhengzhou Customs Party Committee and vice customs director investigated the building of the Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) in Sanmenxia specially to discuss how to deal the problems and difficulties encountered during the process of construction. An Wei, deputy secretary and mayor, and Sun Jiwei, deputy mayor participated in the investigation and meeting.

The investigation group first went to the companies like Zhongyuan Gold Smelter in the urban-rural integration demonstration area and China National Gold Group Sanmenxia Zhongyuan Gold and Silver Products Co., Ltd to listen carefully to the production and operation reports of these companies, getting to know their current conditions in raw material import, technology reform, waste recycle and market development, etc. They also gave some advice about extending industrial chain and building well-known brand.

Arriving at the Sanmenxia Imported Copper Concentrate Inspection and Quarantine Test Area and the selected site of the Sanmenxia Bonded Logistics Center (Type B), the investigation group learned about the construction progress in detail and offered some suggestions from the aspects such as making plans based on actual conditions, meeting the demands of the companies, and building the bonded logistic center, etc.

At the meeting, Sheng fubin pointed out that Sanmenxia enjoys good construction and ecological environment, a sound industrial foundation and strong development momentum. Building a bonded logistic center (type B) would play a positive role in raw material import and processing trade development for local companies. A careful and thorough early study needs to be done to understand the demands of the companies in an all-round way and improve the compatibility between company development and bonded work. Efforts should be paid in mineral bonded warehousing, optimizing operation procedures, planning the warehousing space on the basis of reality, promoting surrounding areas’ development, cutting production cost and avoiding idle resources. It’s also necessary to strengthen the integration with customs policies and businesses and implement policies well in order to promote the early completion of Sanmenxia bonded logistics center (type B).

An Wei expressed gratitude to the group of Sheng Fubin for their guidance and help. He emphasized that the related departments at different levels must be aware of the importance of bonded logistics center (type B) for the social and economic development of Sanmenxia, especially the development of companies and National High-tech Zone building in Sanmenxia. They need to carefully absorb the suggestions put forward by the General Administration of Customs investigation group and improve the planning and construction plans from practical, effective and efficient perspectives. The building of the free trade zone and the development of inland imported copper concentrate ore blending business should be planned and pushed forward simultaneously. It’s important to further expand the coverage of customs service, strengthen the communication with the General Administration of Customs and Zhengzhou Customs and seek support from the customs, in order to maximize the influence of the bonded logistics center (type B) and promote the high quality social and economic development of Sanmenxia. 

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