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Sanmenxia Plans to Build Ten More City Bookshops

By Sanmenxia Daily Updated: 2020-11-16

On June 3rd, the reporter learned from the Sanmenxia Civic Enhancement Department that Sanmenxia will build ten more “Swan Book Garden” city bookshops. At present, the locations of eight bookshops have been determined and the other two are under siting. All bookshops are expected to be completed and open by the end of this year.

It is known that Sanmenxia has built and opened 30 Swan Book Gardens in the last year. More and more bookworms in Sanmenxia can read or borrow various kinds of books near their home, enjoying the pleasure of reading.

The eight bookshops whose locations have been determined are located at Yingbin Community of Station Street in Hubin District, Liuxi Community of Jianhe Street, Hubin Square, Jianhe Park, Renmin Park, Shanzhou Park, Sanmenxia Central Hospital and Yellow River Sanmenxia Hospital.

According to the responsible official at the Civic Enhancement Department, the newly built city bookshops will be no less than 80m² and the reconstructed ones will be no less than 40m². The bookshops will adopt smart city study system and use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Internet of Things and other technologies comprehensively to achieve 24 hours open, smart borrow, efficient circulation and other services. They will also be equipped with drinking fountains, first-aid cases, presbyopic glasses, umbrellas and other convenient facilities. In addition, the design, operation and management of “Swan Book Garden” city bookshops will be under unified requirements. The residents will enjoy a brand new reading experience then. 

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