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The First Overseas Chinese Homes Established in Sanmenxia

By The People's Government of Sanmenxia Updated: 2020-09-23

On September 3rd , the reporter learned from the Second Plenary (enlarged) Meeting of the Fifth Session of the Municipal Federation of Overseas Chinese that  the first overseas Chinese homes have been established and 10 units have beened named as overseas Chinese international cultural exchange bases in order to further promote the construction of grass-roots organizations, improve the work of overseas Chinese affairs and better carry out cultural exchange activities at home and abroad with local and overseas Chinese characteristics.

The first group of overseas Chinese homes are: Kangle Ruijing overseas Chinese home, Sanmenxia Baisheng Trading Co., Ltd. (Yiwu Trade City), Fuchao Training School, Kuangkou Community of Taishan Road sub-district Agency in Yima City, Henan Yangshao Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Yongle Community of Daying Town in Shanzhou District, Henan Zhenyu Industry Co., Ltd., and Tongxin overseas Chinese Home in Lushi County.

The units named as Sanmenxia overseas Chinese international cultural exchange bases include: Hangu Pass Historical and Cultural Tourism Area, Shanzhou Silo-cave Culture Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Primary School in Yima city, Foreign Language Primary School in Yima city, Hongqing Temple Grottoes, Yangshao Culture Museum, Henan Yangshao Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hubin District Shangxian Kindergarten, Henan Zhenyu Industry Co., Ltd., and the former site of No.25 Military Headquarters in Guanpo, Lushi County.

It is learned that all overseas Chinese homes will further strengthen the standardization construction based on the practical situation of local overseas Chinese, play their roles in serving overseas Chinese, protecting their interests, uniting and guiding them to support the opening up and development of the city in order to make greater contributions to the overall economic and social development of the city. The 10 base units will make full use of the function and resource advantages of the platform to further build a good exchange base with Chinese culture as the core, national and regional culture as the characteristics in order to make themselves become important carriers for popularizing Chinese culture and promoting foreign exchange. 

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