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Photo Exhibition Ends Today

By The People's Government of Sanmenxia The People's Government of Sanmenxia Updated: 2019-11-25

  November 25, Swan City -- The 3rd China Sanmenxia Natural Ecology International Photography Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "photography exhibition") successfully concluded. This photography exhibition has received extensive attention from all walks of life, which not only gives visitors a feast for the eyes, but also provides a platform for photographers to show their talents. The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the photography exhibition that up to November 24, the total number of visitors reached 87,000, with an average daily attendance of nearly 10,000.

  In the photography festival, photographers from more than 50 countries and regions like China, the United States, Russia, Britain, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, , in Sanmenxia International Culture and Exhibition City (called Wenbo City hereinafter) unveiled more than 6000 images of wild animals and human ecology, giving the visitors a wonderful light feast,and naturally attracting a large number of fans. Among them, there were not only some who brought their whole families with the old and the young and there were also some "loyal fans" who came every day to see again and again and there were photography lovers from afar. One after another with love of photography, and love of nature gathered here, boiling the winter Sanmenxia.

  Yesterday coincided with the weekend. The reporter in Wenbo City hall on the first floor saw that the exhibition site was very lively. Visitors were either calmly appreciating the photos, or stopped to take photos to leave the art moment, or through the various exhibition areas carefully appraising...... Here, everyone is immersed in the atmosphere, enjoying the beautiful experience and spiritual enlightenment brought by art. "I heard that the Sanmenxia photography exhibition is coming to an end, so I come here from Luoyang to have a look." "said Ge Yan, a photography lover in Luoyang. "In order to cater for children's needs and reading habits, the exhibition center line has been adjusted down, which is very human in details. At the same time, the exhibition areas like' Hello, Friends' are more interesting, so that children can better understand and feel the biological diversity of nature." Ms. Ma, a citizen with two children, praised the exhibition repeatedly.

  "It is a big show, with clever ideas and a good layout. Once you enter the exhibition hall, it's like walking into an ecological home, with a natural and fresh feeling." Li Gongshun, a photographer who came to the exhibition to show his works from the first exhibition, said, "this year's exhibition has added many new elements, with more detailed layout, such as' 70 years -- Hello, China! Series, especially eye-catching.

  "Next time I will bring more works to the exhibition and contribute to the exhibition." Miao Jun, a photographer from Shangrao, Jiangxi province, said, "every year, many photographers come to Sanmenxia to take pictures of white swans. I have passed this place on the train many times, but for various reasons, I didn’t stop. My wish has finally come true this time!"

     The exhibition not only has raised the popularity of Sanmenxia, but also brought economic effects. During the exhibition, Sanmenxia city’s catering, accommodation and other passenger flow have increased. In addition, the Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, Shannzhou Underground Courtyard, Hangu Pass and other scenic spots also showed a significant increase in visitor volume compared with the same period last year.

     The main exhibition area of this year's photography exhibition was set up in the hall on the first floor of Wenbo City, and three exhibition sites were set up at the same time. More than 100 officially selected works were exhibited on Wenbo City square, over 1,000 retrospective works were shown in Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, and over 500 works were exhibited in the Yellow River park education and training center. "The swan season at Sanmenxia lasts about three and a half months. To attract more visitors to the exhibition, we will hold the exhibition at branch sites in Sanmenxia for three months. In addition to making more people see swans, let's join hands together to conserve nature and wildlife and protect our common home." the photography exhibition related person in charge of the festival said.

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