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Indian Experts thumb Up Sanmenxia Apple Management Model

By The People's Government of Sanmenxia Updated: 2019-09-27

On September 24 and 25, Mr. Kumar and Ms Chaudhuri, experts from the Indian Agricultural Ministry visited Lingbao and Shanzhou to inspect the apple industry and apple export. The advanced management model of Sanmenxia apple planting has been fully affirmed by the experts.

At the fruit production bases of Hongfeng Fruits and Vegetables Co. Ltd. and Erxianpo Green Fruits industry Co. Ltd., they had a full knowledge of pollution-free fruit production, fruit base construction and fruit export certification by listening to the introduction and carrying out field visits. And then they had a deep exchange on the apple-planting management technology and pest control measures. They were deeply impressed by the advanced management model of apple planting and indicated that they would provide more assistance for the apple re-export to India.

In recent years, apples industry have been the characteristic agriculture and dominant industry in Sanmenxia. The traditional export destinations are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other southern and southeast Asian countries, among which India is the most important one. The apples and pears are expected to re-export to India through this visit of Indian experts, which could help Sanmenxia companies export fruits to India and then restore Sanmenxia fruit products in the indian market and increase the market share. It is of great significance for us to build the prosperous city with characteristic agriculture.

Our city has carried out the Belt and Road strategy, continued to construct the export fruit bases, actively cultivated export fruit enterprises. We fully support fruits going global by establishing and perfecting the three security system: efficient and safe production, quality inspection and export circulation marketing, hoping to enhance and expand Sanmenxia’s international influence. In 2018, there were 6 fruit export enterprises in Sanmenxia, exporting more than  40,000 tons of fruits with a value of $ 35,75 million.

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