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The 3rd City of Swan - Sanmenxia China International Photography Exhibition of Natural Ecology calls for photos

By en.smxly.com Updated: 2019-09-30


Deadline: From the date of publication to Aug 31,2019

Part 1 Organization

Host: Chinese Photographers Society

The Federation of Literary and Art of Henan

The CPC Sanmenxia Municipal Committee

The People's Government of Sanmenxia Municipality

Organizer: Popular Photography Magazine

Henan Photographers Association

The CPC Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department

The Federation of Literary and Art of Sanmenxia

Co-organizer: Yellow River Times

Part 2 Purpose of the exhibition

Nature is the mother of mankind; Animals are also the masters of the earth. Carrying out the ecological civilization thought of General Secretary Xi Jinping and consciously practicing the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" have become the consensus of all social circles and the pursuit of photography artists. Sanmenxia is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River at the junction of the three provinces of Henan, Shanxi and Jiangxi. She came from the dawn of the Chinese civilization; she came from the beautiful scenery of the mountains and clear waters. The unique landscape of "four sides of city surrounded by mountains and three sides of city surrounded by water, half of the city is tree and half of the city is field" attracts tens of thousands of celestial beings - white swan come here for winter, forming a glamour picture of harmony between man and nature. Sanmenxia is also known as the "City of Swan". This year the exhibition aims to showcase the beauty of birds, the beauty of animals, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of ecology through the existing works of photographers around the world and the cameras in their hands.

Part 3 Theme

The 3rd City of Swan - Sanmenxia China International Photography Exhibition of Natural Ecology

Part 4 Content of photograph

The natural ecological environment and the moving moments of wild animals are fixed through the artistic perspective. At the sametime,the unique charm of "Yellow River Sanmenxia·Charming Swan City" is displayed, and the civilized music of harmony between man and nature is played. The natural ecological environment and wildlife content of various countries and regions around the world can be submitted.

Specific content of photograph:

1. The series of white swan and other birds

2. Wildlife series

3.The series of aquatic plants and insect microbes

4. Natural ecological humanities series

5. Other similar series

Part 5 Works requirements

1. All provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions (including Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan) and overseas photographers and photographers can contribute.

2. Submission method: This exhibition only accepts submissions online.

Submission address: http://www.pop-photo.com.cn



The submitted works are in JPG format. The file size of each work is no more than 500K, and the long side requires 600-1000 pixels. When posting in the submission area, please indicate the title of the work, the time, location and brief description. Anyone who is not fully involved in the submitted personal information affects the contact is deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility. The host, the organizer and their cooperative media have the right to use the works for publicity, introduction, display and reporting on the paper media and information network.

3. After submitting the notice, the contributor must submit the large-size data file (the file is a jpg file with a size of 8M or more) on time. If it is not delivered as required, it is deemed to be automatically waived.

4. The contributor should ensure that he is the author of the submitted work and has independent,complete, clear and uncontroversial copyrights on the whole and part of the work; the contributor should also ensure that the work he delivers does not infringe on the third party. The legal rights include copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights. The contributor shall bear all consequences and responsibilities arising from his photos and the act of submission.

5. Deadline: From the date of publication to Aug 31, 2019. After the deadline for submission, the organizer will organize experts to conduct the selection.

6. The host and organizer have the right to use the selected works in the form of copying, distribution, exhibition, screening, information network dissemination, compilation, etc. (including and not limited to the production of publications, exhibitions, production of CDs, special film and television programs, tourism promotion, special websites, etc.), and no longer pay.

Part 6 Important statement

All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of the inscription, and works that do not comply with the relevant regulations cannot participate in the selection.

Part 7 Settings of works selected

1. The number of selected works and remuneration: 120 pieces, each of photo paid 800 yuan. The entries will be freely displayed and promoted in the new media of mass photography.

2. If the work is selected, it can be accumulatively applied for points according to the regulations of the China Photographers Association.

3. The personal income tax is withheld by the issuing unit from the remuneration. The intrinsic draft reveals that the final interpretation right belongs to the host and the organizer.

Special Notice:

1. http://www.pop-photo.com.cn;

http://www .51peoplephoto.com;


The above three channels can be submitted.

2. The photographers of 2019 solo exhibition and the invited guests will be produced from the officially submitted photographers.



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