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Sanmenxia's Swan Lake Wetland Park: Winter Wonderland, Spring Blossom Paradise

By en.smxly.com Updated: 2019-09-16

Beautiful, white flocks of tens of thousands of swans fly over the rippling waters of the Yellow River and the vast green Loess Plateau for their ideal habitat at the Sanmenxia Swan Lake State Urban Wetland Park in Henan Province. With a total area of 666.7 hectares, Swan Lake Wetland Park is the largest city garden in northern China. The 200-hectare water area provides the largest natural habitat for white swans in the Yellow River basin. At least 205 types of birds have been found in the area. With so many beautiful creatures and picturesque scenery, it is surely breathtaking to see what feels like a burst of fresh air from mother-nature.

The beauty of the park comes at a reasonable cost. Since 2008, the park has invested 150 million yuan ($23.55 million) in projects for tourist attraction and service facility improvement. It might seem like a hefty upkeep price, but these animals' natural home warrants protection. And the investment in the park is worthwhile to its visitors.

The core scenic spots consist of the Double-dragon Lake Swan-viewing Area, the Shanzhou Park and the Eco-forest Belt along the Yellow River bank. Other scenic highlights include Islet Guoshan, the Green Dragon Lake and the Black Dragon Lake.

Now aptly dubbed The City of Swans, Sanmenxia is a quaint winter or spring getaway for leisure while witnessing the preservation of these gorgeous swans.

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