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Sanmenxia Successfully Created Two Bases with “National Brand”

By Sanmenxia Daily Updated: 2023-06-01 15:14

 On May 29th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that Lingbao Apples and Sanmenxia Medicinal Peonies recently passed the acceptance inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and were officially becoming the first batch of national standardization demonstration bases for the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture, which mark the basic completion of the scientific, perfect, modern and efficient agricultural standardization system in Sanmenxia. All these injected new momentum into the high-quality development of the characteristic agriculture in Sanmenxia.

Since the establishment of the whole industrial chain standardization demonstration base of modern agriculture in Sanmenxia in 2022, agriculture, rural areas, market supervision and other departments have attached great importance to it and introduced implementation plans to promote the extension of the agricultural industry to supplement the chain, focus on extending the industrial chain, and comprehensively promote the solid and orderly establishment of the work. Among them, taking Lingbao High Mountain Natural Fruit Co., Ltd. as the main body, Sanmenxia has concentrated on the standardization of the whole industrial chain of Lingbao apple modern agriculture in accordance with the principle of “standard implementation”, we set up a leading group for the creation of work to focus on the key links of the whole process of apple production. We have actively built a standard system for the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture with products as the main line and whole-process quality control as the core, sorted out 131 technical standards, screened out 12 key technical standards including producing area environment, seedling breeding, planting technology, and disease and pest control, compiled publicity wall charts, and built standard complexes.

    At the same time, Sanmenxia strongly supports the development of cold chain storage enterprises, and gave suggestions on the classification of fruit juice, fruit vinegar, fruit wine processing enterprises, and actively promote the development of downstream related industries. Among them, taking Sanmenxia Muxian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as the main body, Sanmenxia has built Sanmenxia pharmaceutical peony whole industry chain standardization demonstration base. At present, 29,300 mu of peony planting base has been built, integrating peony seedling breeding, research and development, planting and intensive processing, warehousing and logistics, and product sales. A series of "peony products" such as peony peel herbal decoction pieces, peony solid drinks, peony fruit wine, and peony skin care products have been developed and produced, and the key links of industrial development have been focused. All the work was made to continuously improve the three standard systems of technology, management and work, which realized the standardization and transformation of facilities and equipment in production, processing, storage and transportation, preservation and other links, and lead the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical peony industry with the standardization of the whole industry chain.

The acceptance inspection focused on the advanced modern agricultural model, the overall promotion of the whole industry chain, the efficient implementation of standardization, excellent product quality, comprehensive benefits and other aspects to assess through on-site inspection, reporting, access to information and other ways, Lingbao apples and Sanmenxia medicinal peonies have been unanimously approved by the expert group and have been passed the acceptance on site .

 Sanmenxia will take the opportunity of creating the standardization base of the whole industrial chain, take the variety improvement, quality improvement, brand building and standardized production as the guidance, persevere in the standardization construction work, and promote the continuous and steady improvement of the quality and safety of agricultural products in Sanmenxia.

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