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Five Railway Stations in Sanmenxia Utilize E-tickets

By Sanmenxia Daily Updated: 2020-11-16

From 0:00 on June 20th, Sanmenxia Railway Station, Yima Railway Station, Mianchi Railway Station, Sanmenxia West Railway Station and Lingbao Railway Station in Sanmenxia all start to use e-tickets.

It is known that three high-speed railway stations in Sanmenxia (Mianchi South Railway Station, Sanmenxia South Railway Station and Lingbao West Railway Station) started to use e-ticket from December 2019. Compared with ordinary tickets, e-tickets can simplify the ID card and ticket in the past into one pass with the valid ID card, which makes real-name verification and ticket check much more convenient. Using e-tickets has greatly improved the efficiency of entering and leaving the station, saved the time of the passengers, at the same time lowered the risks of losing the ticket or getting fake tickets. Especially during the epidemic control and prevention period this year, the advantages of e-tickets have been fully reflected. People can change or refund the ticket through self-service, achieve contactless entry and exit and buy group tickets for getting back to work online. With ordinary-speed railway stations starting to use e-tickets, all the railway stations in Sanmenxia have said goodbye to paper tickets.

If the passengers taking the ordinary-speed train need the reimbursement receipt, they can print it at the ticket window (including the automatic ticket vending machine and ticket agency window) with the original valid identity document used when purchasing the ticket before or within 30 days from taking the train. For more than 30 days, they can contact the 12306 customer service center. Citizens can get access to detailed information about the implementation of e-tickets through 12306 website and related station announcements. All existing ticket-selling channels are reserved. Some old people, juveniles and those who are not used to buying tickets online can still buy tickets through traditional ways such as manual windows and sales agencies with the same old purchase procedure and documents.

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